About Us

Board Meetings

Raymondale Civic Association (RCA) Board of Directors meets monthly. Meetings are open to all residents. See our Events calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

Meeting Minutes

Raymondale residents and members may contact the Board to request meeting minutes.

Annual Meeting

2021 RCA Annual Meeting Presentation - Business.pptx

2021 Annual Meeting Slides

Raymondale Presentation - Then and Now - with speaker notes (small).pdf

Raymondale History Slides

Board Positions & Descriptions


  • Preside at all meetings

  • Appoint committee chairs

  • Represent RCA to the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations (and the Mason District Council thereof)

  • Other duties: determine Newsletter publishing calendar, content. Represent RCA executive board when testifying at county public hearings or similar forums. Represent RCA when liaising with neighboring associations. Monitor residential real estate trends. Keeper of the Fallowfield Dr. sandwich board sign.

Vice President

  • Perform the duties of president(s) in their absence

  • Perform other such duties as assigned by the president or the executive committee

  • Represent RCA to the FCFCA (and MDC)

  • Other duties: Social event co-planner. Marketing design. Keeper of the Brandy Ct. sandwich board sign.


  • Record the proceedings of the association

  • Other duties as pertain to the office

  • Custodian of an official copy of the Constitution and Bylaws, together with all amendments thereto

  • Must turn over all such papers to successor or other properly authorized person upon expiration of his/her term

  • Other duties: Manage the official calendar. Manage/update the website as needed. Monitor the official RCA google email address. Monitor or co-monitor the Google group (listserve). Invite neighbors to regular meetings. Record virtual meetings as needed. Woodley Pool liaison. Reserve county meeting space as needed (roughly 3 mos. In advance).


  • Keep a list of members

  • Collect all monies due the association, providing receipts

  • Record the amount of each payment with the name/address of the person so paying

  • Faithfully care for all monies entrusted to the treasurer’s keeping, paying out the same only with the approval of the association, or in amounts not to exceed [$25] for any one purpose by the approval of the Executive Committee, taking a receipt therefore

  • Prepare a report for each regular meeting

  • At the expiration of term of office turn over to successor or other authorized person all records, money or other property of the association that may be in treasurer’s possession

  • All checks drawn on association funds shall be countersigned by the president or VP.

  • Other duties: Co-planner of social events. Keeper of the Dye Dr. sandwich board sign. Keeper of the box of historical records. Seek event insurance as needed. Manage electronic payment portals.

At Large

  • Attends meetings

  • Assists with other duties as assigned

Other Roles/Volunteer Opportunities

  • Block chair coordinator

  • Google list co-manager

  • Police liaison / National Night Out organizer

  • Nominating committee

  • Neighborhood historian/archivist

  • Environmental steward (organize IMA events, cleanups, etc)

  • Raymondale sign upkeep (gardening/maintenance)

  • Membership development (welcoming committee, etc)